Time to Plan

Like most business owners, this is the time of the year where you will be busy tying up some loose ends before you and your customers head off to a deservedly Christmas break.

While this is extremely important to keep you customers happy and your revenue stream healthy, it is also a good opportunity to plan for next year.

But before you start writing down all the things that you want to do for next year, you need to stop and review what you have done this year.

Start with the following questions in mind:

1. What have you started this year? Follow by:

  • a. How did you go? ; and
  • b. Did you set some benchmarks from the start, how did you measure up?

2. What difficulties that you encounter this year and how did you resolve them?
3. What are things that you have done, worked well this year; and
4. What are things that you have done that did not do well this year?

Now, use these answers to assist you to come up with your 2018 plan around the following overarching topics:

  • Growth & Opportunities;
  • Teamwork; and
  • Systems and Process

Dedicate some time to focus on each topic. Set some benchmarks but do not get too hung up on getting everything looking perfect. This is your plan and it needs to be reviewed, refined and implemented to suit your needs. Keep this plan easily accessible so that you can always pull it out and refer to as and when you need it.

Give it a crack and you do not have to complete the whole plan in one sitting but get it done. Use this opportunity for team bonding and have fun along the way.

Happy planning!
Your Local Accountant – Scott Adams